Injection Mold Tooling

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise is a proven resource for service on tool transfers, in-house mold design, repair, maintenance and mold storage for climate-controlled preservation for future production

There are few things more disturbing to your production flow than a perfectly good plastic molding injection tool gone bad or misused. Not every injection tool molding company has the same respect for your molds, but First American Plastic Molding Enterprise is different. And by different we mean better from start to finish and any point in between.

Not only do we treat your molds as if they were our own, we are often called upon to take over the molding process from plastic molding companies that have been mismanaged in the production process, or even damaged or abused. Your highly valuable molds deserve better.

Why clients come to us for tooling repair and assistance

First American Plastics is often called on to conduct what we call a “mold takeover,” or tool transfer.  That's when you move your mold tooling to our production facility for inspection and injection molding tooling test runs that can get your project and manufacturing capacities back on track.

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise is almost like three companies in one. We have the staff, the technology and design abilities to create a tool from scratch or to transfer your injection molds from your current supplier to our facility where it will can be set up an operated properly, and with the respect and attention to detail that it deserves.

A suite of in-house services for tooling repair and assistance

At First American Plastics, you receive the benefit of the full suite of in-house services offered by First American Plastic Molding Enterprise. We offer expert in-house mold design, repairs, and maintenance. Our acclaimed climate-controlled mold storage protects your injection mold tooling investment.

We perform preventative and long-term maintenance on every mold we store and maintain. That means you'll never have to worry about the condition of your injection mold tooling and can count on being prepared for production any time you get the call or choose to produce new components.

It all adds up to a best-case scenario in the event you need to plan a tool transfer, get tooling repair or assistance. Call First American Plastic Molding Enterprise and find out how good the plastic molding injection process can be.