Plastic Components For The Food Industry

The food industry relies on plastic parts and components as a safe and sanitary way to do business. In an industry as regulated as food production, it is crucial businesses have access to only the highest quality parts. Fortunately, plastic parts and components are ideal for these types of settings, as they can be manufactured to be chemical and heat resistant, they are easily sanitized, lightweight and practical. Below, read more about First American Plastic capabilities and the benefits of food grade plastic injection molding:

Chemical and Heat Resistance

One of the key benefits of plastics and polymers is that they can be customized to have the qualities ideal for practically any setting. In the food industry, that’s a huge advantage. Plastic food components can be made with incredibly low conductivity, making them resistant to high temperatures. First American Plastic makes parts that allow the food industry to work safely and with a considerably lower risk of fire, electrical problems or personal injury resulting from high temperatures. Similarly, food grade plastic injection molding can be used to make parts and components that resist chemicals commonly found in the food industry. Such features give plastic versatility in food production facilities.


Plastic is lightweight. That’s important in the food industry, as bulky steel equipment can be difficult to clean and maintain. Lightweight plastics are easier to move during regular maintenance or repairs — and they are more easily moved from one place to another within your facility. First American Plastic manufactures high quality plastic parts and components that are lightweight without sacrificing strength and durability.


Contamination during food processing can ruin a company. Should a consumer become ill, the consequences can be severe. Plastic components can significantly reduce the risk of food contamination — helping a company stay within regulatory compliance, protecting the end consumer. Metal parts and components are not as easily sanitized. Further, the risk of a metal part or component breaking or wearing out during production makes plastic the clear choice.


All of the reasons above make plastic food components practical. In the food industry, plastic simply makes sense. Companies have better access to various sized and shaped components that are efficient, easy to use and replace. And they make it easier for companies to comply with safety regulations. When compared with steel and metal components, plastic is the clear choice for food processing, packing and preparation.

Why First American Plastic?

First American Plastic is a trusted manufacturer of plastic parts and components of all kinds — and we excel in the food industry. From plastic nozzles and dust covers to high-wear parts, we can get you the plastic food components you need, taking on even the most difficult custom projects — with quantities ranging from 5,000 to 5 million pieces. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you have about our process, products and options, so contact us today.