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First American Plastic Molding Enterprise provides custom thermoplastic injection molding solutions for manufacturing companies and industry.

Explore what injection molded plastics can do for you

Plastic injection molding is one of the leading material processes used to manufacture vital components for production of goods used in OEM for a wide range of industries.  First American Plastic Molding Enterprise has the capabilities and expertise to create components for manufacturers with even the most technical requirements.

Our markets include sophisticated medical plastic injection molding and automotive injection molding, and our design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to create and injection-mold products for numerous other types of business categories, including:

Our processes deliver product integrity for multiple industries

Our quality control processes have proven highly attractive to companies that choose (or need) to start fresh with an existing project to generate better results.

That's when our appropriately named “mold takeover” program is called into action. At First American Plastics, we apply our comprehensive best practices program to benefit the plastic molding injection process for any industry, and on the tightest of timetables. We are ready and capable to take over a previously stalled or mismanaged project whenever quality, timing or cost has become an issue with your products in design or production.

First American Plastic: Where ingenuity meets dependability

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise can conceive, create, produce and provide consultative repair to even the most precisely crafted designs. That is why you’ll find First American Plastics working with a diversity of industries, from packaging and display products, to rough, tough plastic components that must stand up to the harshest environments, including automotive injection molding and medical injection molding components.

Bring us your manufacturing challenges and we’ll prove our merit in delivering design concepts if you need them. We will produce components that functionally and creatively meet the specific needs of your industry. Our knowledge in materials, best processes and quality control are the assets you need to succeed with your next plastic injection molding project.

If you want to know more about First American Plastic Molding Enterprise and how we can serve you better than any other plastic injection molding service in the industry, contact our Customer Service representative today. We look forward to sharing what we can do for your business, and your industry.

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