Design Assistance

The design team at First American Plastics can improve your product results.

Insightful planning can make an incredibly positive difference in the success of your plastic injection mold design. That’s because designing and planning the success of your project is all about the melding of human expertise with technological capabilities.

Think about it. Plastic molding injection design is about far more than shooting plastic into molds. It takes intelligent planning and a broad perspective on the range of outcomes to fully understand the needs of injection molding design and execution. Since 1993 we’ve forged a reputation for synchronizing design with the production outcome as well as quality control checks along the way to make sure your design requirements and specifications are precisely met.

We offer many methods to anticipate design and quality challenges before you enter the injection molding design process. That perspective can greatly increase the quality of your outcomes, and it is also why we excel across a spectrum of industries. We learn your business needs in the design assistance stage to help you plan the product you need, not just the product you wish you had.

For example, First American Plastics often introduces our clients to alternate forms of raw materials that can reduce manufacturing costs and ultimately, enhance product performance. We also offer mold flow analysis, frequently used as a predictive tool to improve the core solidity of your products on every type of production run.

It’s a little like being able to look inside your mold and materials before you begin, so that your process and your product face far less risk of failure. In fact, our design team contributes greatly to the fact that First American Plastic has a 70% overall greater efficiency ratio than other plastic injection molding companies. Yet it doesn’t slow us down. We provide an equally impressive on-time delivery rate of more than 99 percent. That is what good design and planning can do. Specifically, that’s what First American Plastic Molding Enterprise can do for you.

Our design team can help you design an injection molded product from scratch or improve your injection molding design as a value added service. It all starts by calling First American Plastic Molding Enterprise. We often contribute to the success of OEMs having difficulty with current molds and products. Contact our design team today and experience the positive difference we can make in your current or new injection mold design.