Customer Testimonials

Source: Sam Messina
Company: Perseco (Distribution for McDonald’s restaurants worldwide)
Position: Director of Quality

“We count on them to deliver the goods. They were our 2007 quality supplier of the year and we had zero issues.”

Source: John Byrne
Company: Biologic (Division of Natus Medical)
Title: Senior Mechanical Engineer

How would you describe FAP to someone unfamiliar with them?

• A medium size molder
• Good processes in place
• Excellent project management
• Attention to detail

Source: John Baughn
Company: Harman Becker Automotive Systems
Title: Director / Supplier Engineering

Are there specific capabilities you value most about FAP?

“First and foremost, they have a pretty good handle on program management which is important to us. Tooling dates, meeting deadlines, they do a good job of understanding that need and reporting back to us by keeping everyone updated. “

Source: Charlie Shikany
Company: PepsiCo
Title: Senior Manager of Global Procurement / Purchasing

“The guys we met in senior management, they give you confidence, a lot of credibility in my mind, do what they say they’re going to do – solid leadership there.”

“They’re capable. They told us they could do it and they did it. Times where I don’t talk to them for 8 months to 1 year – and there are no issues.”

“FAP is a good company to work with. You’ll have success in working with them.”

Source: Nora Didio
Company: Display Technologies
Title: Purchasers / PO’s

“FAP did exactly what we needed. FAP is always on time.”

“We’re very satisfied with FAP – they’re on top of their game and we hardly ever have any issues with them.”

Source: Mike Rossi
Company: Perseco, Division of Havi Global Solutions
Title: Sr. Mgr., Strategic Sourcing

“They do it the right way – learn technologies, implement and become a manufacturer. Try to provide all ten points of value.”