Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise combines world-class, systematic attention to your requirements with the production power of 24 high capacity presses, ranging from 40 to 850 tons. As a versatile injection molding services company, we deliver high-quality plastic components to your exact specifications.

The ideal combination of molding equipment and human expertise

Although First American Plastic Enterprise prides itself on manufacturing capacity and customization capabilities driven by 24 presses ranging in size from 40 tons to 850 tons, it is the insight and ingenuity of our technical, management and production staff that offer such a tremendous value proposition to our customers.

We also offer cutting-edge tool room maintenance and repair facilities. That means we can manage and produce even the most demandingly specific product tolerances. We also provide quality assurance every stop of the way.

Our error-proofing system is so effective and consistent, we have reduced the rate of internal defective part incidents to one-third of the industry average. That means working with First American Plastic has a 70% greater efficiency ratio than trusting your product to a plastic injection molding services company that is less proficient.

Fast and sure. We excel in set-up speed and on-time delivery rate.

First American Plastic excels in project set-up times that are 25 percent faster than the industry average. We also provide an equally impressive on-time delivery rate of more than 99 percent.

Most importantly, our setup and delivery competencies are accentuated by use of high-quality tools that actually help us lower your costs while increasing product reliability. In sum, our comprehensive capabilities and quality management (ISO9001:2008 Certified in both Illinois and Mississippi facilities) are structured to your advantage in producing the best, most efficiently manufactured products possible. Our efficiency ratio along with our accelerated set up time and on-time delivery rate are proofs that you simply won’t find a more productive, cost-effective injection molding service company as your plastic injection-molding partner.

Every production run, large or small, is carried out with the same diligence and attention to detail. Our Quality Assurance Department is involved every step of the way. It all adds up to capabilities that define First American Plastic Molding Enterprise as a highly efficient, lean manufacturing production company you can trust for dependability and quality results. Call First American Plastics today to discuss how our capabilities can produce great results with your next plastic injection molding service project.