What’s Behind the Growth in American Plastics Jobs

Plastic injection molding companies are becoming the face of American manufacturing, and manufacturing in turn is driving job growth in this country. Since the end of the recession, the future of plastics has gotten even brighter.

More than 885,000 individuals are employed in the plastics industry, according to research by the Plastics Industry Trade Association. There are more than 16,200 plastics facilities in the United States, and an industry presence in every single state — that’s a significant contribution to the overall economic picture in America.

Plastics aren’t going anywhere. If anything, this is an industry with significant room for growth as it relates to plastic injection molding companies. Here are a few reasons why.


No industry is as innovative as plastics. With a product as versatile as plastic, the possibilities are endless.

Researchers have developed plastics that are flame retardant and usable in any number of applications. Plastic injection molding companies are developing a range of durable products, as well as improving existing technology — think containers, screws and medical devices, among others. And because plastics are more affordable than metal, they are widely viewed as a way to produce cost-efficient tools that are as reliable as their traditional counterparts.

As long as the United States is home to dreamers, plastics will continue to drive innovation and create new jobs.

3D Printing

Perhaps one of the most exciting revolutions in manufacturing in recent years is 3D printing. It’s being hailed as a technology that will change how manufacturing is done, and that’s good news for plastics. 3D printing is the process of creating items by layering thin layers of plastic into specific configurations until you have a finished product. What makes it attractive to manufacturers is that makes virtually any object conceivable — as long as it’s in one piece and is made of plastic.

Watch for industry growth in this exciting field that is evolving quickly.

Bio-renewables and Thermoplastics

Sustainability weighs heavily on American consumers these days. That opens the door for major developments in bio-renewable plastics and thermoplastics. What’s known as the Green Boom is fueling expansion in the plastics industry and, thus, creating new jobs.

Not only is there a growing demand for plastic products that can be renewed and recycled, but people are seeking disposable items that can be thrown away safely. Eco-friendly compositions are an increasingly attractive option.

And then there is energy efficiency. Plastics are making it possible to build green by helping reduce waste — less energy to cool a building, for example.

Growing Economy

At the end of the day, what’s good for the U.S. economy is good for plastics, and vice versa. Manufacturing in general has led the economic recovery, and plastics are the third largest manufacturing sector in the country.

Americans are building again. We’re designing new energy-efficient buildings and creating lightweight cars, and in the process, creating more jobs in the plastics industry. We’re becoming more innovative and bold, and that helps to drive the job-creation cycle. It’s an exciting time to be in plastics.

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