How Plastics and Disposable Cutlery are Used in the Food Industry

It’s disposable. It’s cost-efficient. It’s sanitary.

Plastics have become a staple in food preparation and restaurants. Plastic molding companies create tools and utensils that are safe, sanitary and reliable. There are several good reasons that plastics have become the preferred material for cutlery and utensils.

Here are a few reasons the food industry relies on plastic molding companies for plastic utensils.

Plastic is Sanitary

One of the primary reasons to use plastics over metal is that it is sanitary. Plastics are very instrumental in helping to prevent the spread of disease. One clear example is the use of plastics in utensils. Metal cutlery must be cleaned after every use. Everyone at some point has experienced receiving a fork or spoon that has not been thoroughly clean — perhaps even containing a chunk of food. Then there is the risk of utensils that are re-used when mistaken for being clean.

Utensils and cutlery made by a plastic molding company virtually eliminate the guesswork. With disposable utensils, workers in the food industry can be 100 percent sure that they are using sanitary equipment. Plastics can come in sanitary cases, or they can be sealed in individual wrappers — ensuring they are clean no matter how they are transported or stored. When they’ve been used, they are safely disposed, which increases cleanliness and decreases the chance for spreading contaminants.

The same holds true for plastic cutlery used in kitchens, where utensils regularly come in contact with uncooked meats. Once plastics have served their purpose, they can be disposed of — and limit customer exposure to E. coli and other bacteria.

Plastic Utensils are Lightweight

In any industry, weight matters. It’s especially important in the food industry, where shipments are constantly coming and going, and when storage is an issue. Plastic cutlery is lighter than stainless steel by far, and it is less expensive to ship. It is also easier for employees to stock lightweight plastic cutlery. By its nature, plastic is a light material with very sturdy properties. This makes it ideal for use in the food industry.

The Material is Inexpensive

Cost is a key benefit plastics have over steel utensils. Plastics are less expensive to manufacture. And when you take into account stainless steel utensils that are lost or damaged, the costs begin to mount. Additionally, plastic cutlery is easy to manufacture and ship in bulk, making it the most economical option for stocking a restaurant. Plastic cutlery also reduces the amount of water and soap used to clean utensils again and again.

Even Compared with Metal, Plastic Utensils are of High Quality

The lower cost does not mean that you must sacrifice quality by using plastic cutlery. In fact, plastics are so popular in the food industry because they are recognized for being a high-quality alternative to stainless steel. The material is sturdy yet flexible and can easily withstand the rigors of a restaurant or food preparation setting. Also, plastics are very malleable during manufacturing, making it possible to customize cutlery for shape and size.

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