End-to-end Quality Control

There’s a good reason First American Plastic has earned a reputation for high industry standards and satisfied customers: we put a strong emphasis on quality control. At First American, it’s about more than speed; we take pride in the end result and our customers know to expect nothing short of perfection.

Contact us to see for yourself, and read on to learn how seriously we take quality.

Quality Control from Start to Finish

Plastic injection molding is an involved process – from concepts and design all the way to production. We don’t simply look at the end result to see whether we’ve done it right; we do quality checks from the very start and monitor your project’s progress at every stage. By the time the product is completed and shipped, you can rest assured it has undergone the most comprehensive quality checks in this business. Additionally, our quality control steps allow our team to look for new ways to improve your product, potentially saving you time and money.

We Test and Re-test

First American Plastic is known for its rigorous testing and incredibly high standards. We test the products we manufacture for strength, durability and overall integrity. And then we test again. It’s not enough to assume that since we got it right last time that we’re guaranteed to get it right this time -- we take each testing stage very seriously. We want our customers to share our confidence in the quality of the product – even if it means devoting a great deal of time and manpower to this crucial phase of quality control. Our customers are consistently grateful that we go the extra mile.

You Are as Involved as You Would Like to Be

When you’ve got a project in mind, you probably have an opinion or two about how it is completed. We see that as a good thing. In fact, we refuse to view customer solutions as one-size-fits-all and welcome any feedback you have. The result is an extra level of quality control. Your unique perspective and your company’s individual needs help shape our methodology from start to finish and help to ensure that the product we deliver you is of the highest possible quality.

We Take Quality Seriously, However Big (or Small) Your Project Size

From our largest ongoing projects to the smaller one-off production runs, we take quality control seriously. Our attention to detail allows us to take on production-level quantities of 5,000 pieces up to 5 million pieces. We’re so confident in our ability to tackle quality issues at every stage that we even offer a “mold takeover” service. That means that if you’ve got a project started somewhere else – whether it’s been halted for other reasons or it’s not meeting your expectations – we’ll take it on and even help you improve the design.

Give us a call to hear more about our quality control processes and to tell us about your project.