3D Printing Services

Create 3D functional test components and 3D models of components and fixtures using unique 3D printing equipment with First American Plastic Molding Enterprise

3D printing is the solution when you need to model a real component

At first you may not believe what our cutting-edge Stratasys “3D Printer” can do, because it literally brings design ideas to life in fully dimensional and operational plastic.

That’s a very practical attribute of a 3D printing service. You can essentially create a test on the idea and even tweak design using your fully realized and operational component.

All it takes to proceed is the dimensional information provided by CAD software that is fed into the printer. Within a few hours you’ll have a live, working model of your component with which to test, experiment, show to customers, and plan for production.

Benefits of First American Plastics 3D printer

  • 3D printing reduces development, production and delivery times
  • Advance modeling can reduce price of production and manufacturing
  • Print within a maximum 10” x 10” x 12” footprint
  • Form components in 0.013 layer thickness
  • Produce prototype plastic parts and models
  • Produce jigs, fixtures and models for low-volume thermoforming
  • Create “live” component types in nine different colors
  • Support structures are created from easily removed soy-based biodegradable materials


How 3D printing can solve production challenges in advance

3D printing allows you to “think” in actual plastic, creating live, working models of components that enable you to move from conceptualizing onscreen with a 2D CAD graphic to creating and handling a fully formed and working three dimensional piece – so that you can examine detail, integrity of design, quality of construction and functional operation.

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise can assist you on many fronts using the live 3D component model. You can consult on the selection and production benefits of alternate types of raw material for plastics. We can even help you to consider color and decoration options.

Using your 3D model as a foundation for discussion, our expert team can provide you comparative examples of other projects we have created to consult on potential savings in time, money and materials — depending on your objectives, specifications and requirements.

Contact First American Plastics, a 3D printing company

Perhaps you’d like to know more about the potential offered through 3D printing services. We’ve worked with many of our clients in this cost-saving process and will be happy to help you review your project and how our 3D printing service can help you.